(FINISHED) Win Gold Bars by helping Lucy

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Bernadetta Bortoli has discovered the secret diary of Lucia Di Fiore - a gifted jeweler from 18th century Venice. Before her homeland was conquered by Napoleon, Lucia hid her precious masterpieces and created a diary of secret sketches. This diary might just be the key to unlocking Lucia’s personal collection…

But Bernadetta can’t do it alone!  She knows that her niece is a talented craftswoman with a heart of gold, so she sends her niece Lucy a letter asking her for help. 

Lucy embarks on her sparkling new adventure and she is very fortunate to have found a collection of fabulous jewels!   But there is this one diamond that really catches her eye.  It’s brilliant and dazzling.  But she never had the time to learn any facts about diamonds.  Her aunt was never really interesting in learning more about diamonds because she was more interested in unlocking Lucia’s personal collection.  Would you like to help Lucy by doing a Google search and getting some diamond facts?  She really wants to learn more about this gemstone. 


Four players who find 4 diamond facts, but no more than 6 facts will be randomly chosen to win 25 Gold Bars each to the game of your choice! 

You have until 5th of October 12:00 CET to participate. 

You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

Good Luck!



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