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Why don’t I have teammates?

lizzybagz1lizzybagz1 Posts: 2 New Bee
I am on level 528 and still do not have team. I know someone else playing who is in a lower level than me with teammates. How can I acquire playing with teammates?


  • Lucas_Yan_MaiaLucas_Yan_Maia Posts: 355 Game Expert
    hi @lizzybagz1 👋😄and welcome to the diamond diaries saga community 🤩
    are you talking about the content of carmen (team of jewelers)🤨??
    if so, sorry i don't have her content yet at the moment but my mom has her content and i saw how it works 😉
    when we arrive in a new city, the announcement of the race of cities will appear, if you refuse, you will be directed to the content of the jewelers club 💎💎💎
    the game picks 3 players at random to start the challenge and when it meets you and your team must go through 25 levels to win the prize 💎🤩
    I hope this helped 😉
    💎💎🌟HAVE A SASSY DAY 🌟💎💎
         LY____✏ 💎DIAMOND'S HUNTER💎

  • LimLim Posts: 7,035 Game Expert
    Hello! @lizzybagz 👋
    Welcome to King Community! 👑
    Yes! Just like @Lucas_Yan_Maia said. 😊
    I haven't Carmen Content too! 😔 Maybe their team is still testing this content, so some limited players have this content on this game. Don't worry, their team will complete this content after releasing maybe on 2020. 😉

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