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New experiment in the game- Tell us what you think about it!

Lola_Pop Posts: 12,012 Community Manager

Hello Diamond Hunters!!

The Studio has created a new feature for you and the experiment is starting today!

The lucky players who get to test the feature will receive a special reward for completing Hard and Super Hard levels: it can be an Extra Life for a Hard- a Lives Refill for a Super Hard Level; or 10 minutes Unlimited Lives for a Hard Level- 30 minutes Unlimited Lives for a Super Hard one.

Isn't it exciting?

Here's what you'll see in the game:

Test group 1 after passing a Hard Level:

Test group 2- after passing a Super Hard Level:

Let us know what you think about the feature, if you are among the lucky ones who have it in your game, if you'd like to be in the group... or whatever you want to tell our developers about this idea, this is the place and time !!



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