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  • Hi All this is just to confirm to all members that Community Team did not help me and I simply wasted so much time playing a challenge against a cheater. In the end the cheater got 141 gold bars, and I received 20 as a “reward” for my effort. Joke, I know…
  • Yes, definitely it is a shame. Below confirmation that I lost the Rival Challenge, as I refused to continue playing with cheater. Anyway, would be great of Community Team give me also 142 gold bars. They were already given to a cheater… thanks!
  • Hi Lim Thank you. I lost my hope today with Diamond Diaries, because I played Rival Challenge for almost 2 months and lost plenty of time and in the end Community Team is not able to support me on time… 😕 And I feel I was robbed of 142 gold bars after all. So sad… I will probably stop playing Diamond Diaries after such…
  • Hello Lim Thank you for all your support and replies. I decided not to waste more time on playing this cheater, so today at 23:00 CET I will officially lose the challenge and the cheater will get 142 gold bars. 😕 Hope the Community Team can block the cheater and give the reward to the fair player of this Rival Challenge 😉…
  • Hi Lim Thank you so much!!!!!! Should I continue to play this cheater until Community Team blocks him? Is it actually possible to block him? Today after I finished my part, which took me several hours I was doing print screens every 15 minutes of this cheater turn. Below I send you the result. He “completed” 548 STAR…
  • Hi Lim Many thanks for confirming that I am playing against a cheater. Can the player be blocked/banned? My user ID is 9927671944 and the player goes by name Mari

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