Why is there no daily bonus on the mobile Google Play versons of farm heroes saga and Jelly saga

Graeme_LondonGraeme_London Posts: 85 ✭✭✭

I get daily sign in bonus when I use a Facebook and Facebook gameroom . Why is it not there I play on my android mobile phone?

The version of farm heroes saga is 4.2.9 on my phone 

I also don't get daily bonus with candy crush jelly saga version number 1.53.14

I would like answer to this question please as I asked this about candy crush jelly saga approximately 2 months ago and didn't get a reply then


  • Chicken_SlayerChicken_Slayer Posts: 10,088 Superstar

    Hi Graeme, thankyou for using King care.

    The reason you don't get a daily bonus on android is because its the game app, so there isn't one. It might seem unfair, but the app works slightly differently to how it works on Facebook and gameroom. Any boosters bought, earned and used on android are saved to your device memory rather than the game. So although you don't have a daily booster, you can earn more on android. We can't do this on Facebook or game room as the mini games are not available there for whatever reason, so we have the daily bonus instead. 

    The good thing though means that we get extra goodies as we can gain them on both versions :)

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