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Farm Heroes Quests feature

Julie_Andrews Posts: 378 Pro Player 👑

In Farm Heroes Saga I am having problems with the Quests feature. The challenges are to win 3 hard levels, replace 3 slime patches, and unlock 2 new companions. The problem is there ARE'NT any hard levels or new companions. All hard levels show as Super Hard Levels and they don't count. I can't find any levels that have new companions and when I cleared some slime patches it didn't give me credit for them. Very frustrating to have Quests that you can't complete due to technical issues. Thank you.


  • Lady_Choo
    Lady_Choo Posts: 24,761 Pet Rescue Moderator

    Hi Julie, I quite agree and I know this has been raised before. I will leave a note for the King team to pass this over to the studio but it will be Thursday before they see it due to national holidays :)

  • Pixielo
    Pixielo Posts: 4 Newbie
    I've been reporting this issue now for 2 years, and I highly doubt that it's going to be fixed...even though the bit of code to fix it likely isn't that difficult to commit.Β 


    Slightly Annoyed That I Have To Get A New Quest Every Da#* Time I See "Win Two Hard Levels, (Because They Don't Exist Anymore.)"

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