**Superstar information post** How to solve syncing problems if using an IOS device

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So you have an issue with things not appearing on your game as they should be doing. You are connected to Facebook. You have tried uninstalling etc. Sometimes it just needs a good old kick and a complete removal of everything before it syncs over properly. Same for whether you use Facebook or the Kingdom. Players might have a linked Facebook and Kingdom account and yet things are still not showing up correctly as they should be. Your progress might be there but not your coins etc. 

**note this is for those who have level progress correct as it should be, if your level progress is missing you need this article here

So try this. 

Check for iOS updates.

Check for app updates.

Have you access to a pc? If you use Facebook. is your Facebook account current progress synced with your Kingdom account? If you need help with that you can find it here. Is everything showing as it should be on PC?

Once you have done that, or if you don't have access to a pc anyway, follow these steps. Please note that any boosters or saved lives that you have saved are stored in your device memory and not in the game itself, so its best to use up any before attempting this or they will get removed along with the game data. 

Uninstall the app.

Uninstall Facebook. 

Go into Safari and clear your cache, if you're not sure how to, you can find that help here

Hard reboot your device (Power and home on older devices, power and vol down on newer ones just cos apple like to make things harder)

Make sure there are no ios updates.

Re-Install the game app DO NOT at this point install the Facebook app. 

Log into Facebook or the Kingdom again ..however you did it previously before. 

Is your progress and everything back correctly? If so its ok to readd the Facebook app back to your device too.  

If not, shout for help and let us know your device, your iOS version, your app version and tell us what you have tried in order to solve the issue

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