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7 great tips for playing Farm Heroes

MarkHawk Posts: 4,061 Community Manager

Whether you're new to Farm Heroes Saga or just looking for ways to hone your game play skills, we've got the tips and tricks you need to make greater combos. Psst.. don’t tell Rancid the Raccoon about this post :)


Tip 1: Grow from the ground up

Whenever you match Cropsies towards the bottom of the game board, you have more chance of creating a cascading effect towards the top. So, for example, if you have moves at the bottom that you think are beneficial to you, always make those over moves towards the top of the game board. You will gain new Cropsies and have a better chance of getting a combo.


Tip 2: Cropsies are similar to candy...

If you play Candy Crush Saga, similar combos will apply to Farm Heroes Saga also. We recommend matching rows of three, four or five Cropsies as well as matching Cropsies in "L" and "T" shapes. These combinations will rack up your points faster than the standard simple match three moves. You should especially look out for matches of five Cropsies in a row since it completely clears all crops of that kind on the board. This is a very useful move on almost any occasion.


Tip 3: Don’t spill your Magic Beans

We know he's a pain, but remember, you don’t need to use all of your Magic Beans on Rancid the Raccoon! Magic Beans certainly act as a helping hand, but Rancid can also be defeated without them.


Did you know that Magic Beans can be saved and used to buy the Shovel booster,  which is great for clearing problematic Cropsies that are blocking a match. If you play Farm Heroes Saga on Facebook you can also use Magic Beans to activate Farm Club Companions, which help you to clear Cropsies faster.


When you complete a level in Farm Heroes Saga, you will receive additional Magic Beans. The number of Magic Beans you receive will depend on the number of stars you achieve. The maximum amount of Magic Beans you can receive for each level is 250.


75   Magic Beans for 1-star
150 Magic Beans for 2-stars
250 Magic Beans for 3-stars


Tip 4: Harvest your Cropsies

The number of points you receive is based on how many Cropsies you collect. Multipliers (numbers on the Cropsies) will help you to double your points.


For example each Cropsie is worth one point and a multiplier on the Cropsie adds extra points (depending on the number) making it much easier to collect the required number of Cropsies. This will also increase your chances of having extra moves at the end of the level, which you can use to collect bonus points.


Tip 5: Flower power

In levels where flowers come into play, you should try and clear the flowers in tricky locations first. It's much more difficult to match Cropsies in rows of four or more, when there are flowers on the board, meaning you may require more moves to achieve the level objective. Instead, pluck your flower goal first, then focus on matching the other Cropsies you need.


Tip 6: Hatch those eggs

For levels that require you to match eggs in order to start hatching chicks, be sure you don't let too many eggs build up on the board; otherwise you'll spend more moves trying to get rid of them rather than clearing Cropsies to meet your goal. The best strategy is to keep all eggs gathered in one area when you can.


Tip 7: Use your boosters!

Boosters can make tricky levels easier. There are some boosters in game, which you can use once and they re-charge for free within 24 hours. You can also buy the Shovel Booster with Magic Beans or use Gold Bars to purchase other helpful boosters. In addition to buying boosters, Gold Bars also allows you to continue a level if you run out of moves.


Give us your tips and tricks

We'd love to hear your personal Farm Heroes Saga level tips. Let us know how you overcome challenging levels using the comments below :)

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