Level 2044 requires 8 chicks in 17 moves?

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desperate! it's been more than two weeks since I'm stuck. but am I the only one who has had difficulty? can anyone check if I'm the only one that requires 8 chicks in 17 moves? (among other things the hens are locked at the beginning so some moves are needed to unlock them). I wrote to customer service dozens of times but nothing .. someone help me, please!


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    Hello @fedeago! Good Morning / Good evening  :)

    I have noticed that you have been asking for help from past few days with the level #2044.  I have passed it less than a week ago or so, do not remember the goal I had though.  But, it took more than few trials to pass it!!

    Now, the goals you have to accomplish are -- 5 Chicks, 15 Fire Crackers & 190 Onions in 24 moves BOTH on PC & Mobile games.  I usually prefer to play on Mobile rather than PC because there are always one or other bonus games for us to gain many boosters :)

    OK, now to help you with the game, few tips & suggestions ----
    1)  Always take a "Companion" help with these higher levels... with this level, the "Igniter" works best. 

    2)  With this choice, Fire Crackers will be ignited AND the fire crackers "break the Ice cubes", "hit" the hens to lay the eggs & "crack" the eggs;

    3)  Whenever "Super fruit" is nearby the Eggs, use that to crack the Eggs (once you use the ones on the board, new fruit(s) will be available.  Use that whenever possible;

    4)  Also, always keep some "Shovels" handy -- you can crack eggs when there are 2 hatched eggs & 1 un-cracked next to each other;

    5)  Usually the goal of 190 Onions will be fulfilled when we are halfway.  Only the "Chicks" will take more moves;

    6)  Make sure to make combos next to the Hens for them to lay eggs (if the fire-crackers doesn't do the trick);

    7)  When there are "Cracked Eggs" in different rows & only couple of moves left with just 1 Chick to gain -- use the Tractor Booster (preferred) OR Color Collector for clearing those rows & to bring the eggs together (hope this made sense).  I did this now as I was playing the level again to help you with the hints B)

    **  One suggestion I give all my friends is that "do not use" your boosters (except shovels) & Gold Bars unless you are very close to the goal.

    8)  Last but not least --  MOST of these higher levels take a while for us to win them.  But, don't be discouraged OR frustrated.  You have come this far.... only 300 more levels to go for the last level (as of now).

    Hope this helps you to win the level.  Have a great day/evening!
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  • In my game asks for EIGHT chickens!!!! JUST IMPOSSIBLE. Please fix it
  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,079 Community Manager
    Hi Dorak,

    Are you playing on Facebook or on a mobile device?
    If you're on mobile then please check that you are running the latest version (5.10)

  • Yes, I’m running 5.10 version
  • vballrulz15vballrulz15 Posts: 1
    Mine is 8 chicks but 21 moves. I have been stuck for weeks and tried every booster available. No treasure events, no holiday weekend events, it is making me crazy!
  • Same here. Stuck for 3 weeks now. Impossible level to pass. The worst part of it is that you used to fix these Impossible levels in a week time or so, but I can't see any changes for three weeks. It's really frustrating to have reached this high level and see no way to pass it. Please fix it, I know you can, don't make us become frustrated players.
    Thanks in advance
  • Helloooooooooo
     Can you fix it PLEASE?????
  • Thank you!! 
  • Need help at level 2285.  Its impossible to clear it without special booster of egg cracker.
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