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Restore magic beans and gold bars

NaiaNaia Posts: 34 Level 2
@QueenMia or any other FH CM, Thank you for helping me. The magic beans and gold bars are still not back to what they were before the app reset. Here is the screen shot again with the totals for each. Thanks in advance for your help


  • NaiaNaia Posts: 34 Level 2
    @QueenMia Thank you so much for your help. If you could restore the beans and gold like you did the first time, that would be so great. Of greater concern is the gold. I accumulated that over years. Please, please. Thank you. 
  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 10,463 Superstar
    edited December 2018
    Hello @Naia :)

    Wow!!!  Those are lot of Gold Bars!!  I wonder how many years it took for you to collect that many =)=)=)

    Farm Heroes Saga game Community Manager is @MarkHawk.  Since, I have tagged him here, he will check your post and do the needed help!

    Have a nice day!  

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  • NaiaNaia Posts: 34 Level 2
    @Pummy_Raj Thank you so much for tagging a CM for me.  @QueenMia has been amazing.  @MarkHawk - this is the last correction that needs to be made in a long list of things that went wrong when all my king games developed a problem that was known but couldn't be replicated so I had to delete all the apps and reinstall.  Restoring the magic beans and gold bars is the last step.  My king ID is 5637206195.  Thanks in advance for the help.  Looking forward to being able to play Farm Heroes again....
  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 10,463 Superstar
    edited December 2018
    Hello again @Naia :)  You are very welcome and glad that I am able to help :+1:

    Actually, all the Community Managers that I have interacted with are super sweet, very patient & a lot helpful.  

    May be they might ask you for some more details.  But, I am sure all will end with good results!

    In the mean time, why don't you check out this link to win some more Gold Bars -- https://community.king.com/en/farm-heroes-saga/discussion/247770/celebrate-the-holiday-season-with-the-community-1000-gold-bars-to-be-won#latest

    Hoping for the Best!  Have a great day/evening! 

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  • NaiaNaia Posts: 34 Level 2
    @Pummy_Raj Happy Holidays.  @QueenMia and @MarkHawk - Happy holidays and can you please make my holiday wish come true and restore my Farm Heroes to what it was before I had to take the drastic action of deleting the game and reinstalling in order for the program bug to be resolved?  Here is the screen shot with number of beans and gold bars.  Please? Thanks.

  • Chicken_SlayerChicken_Slayer Posts: 11,998 Superstar
    Hi  @Naia please be patient. The team are on their Christmas break now having a well deserved rest, so unfortunately, if you decided you would delete the game, they won't see it anyway until its too late. I personally would wait until one of them is back online to reply :)

    If you are playing on the original log in, which I am assuming from your screenshot is Facebook it should have all come back anyway as playing through Facebook on a browser regardless of whether the game is deleted or not, would save it as it is saved both on King and Facebook servers, It usually has issues with saving if its on a device as that is saved locally. 

    Anyway, however you play, be patient, they will get back to you, and Merry Christmas :)

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  • NaiaNaia Posts: 34 Level 2
    @QueenMia , @MarkHawk - Happy New Year.  Just following up to finish the restore of my Farm Heroes from the delete that Queen Mia directed me to do in December.  I think much of the history is lost by moving it to this thread but I did that at Queen Mia's direction as well.  @MarkHawk, I'm hoping you can help me as @Pummy_Raj has recommended me to you as someone that can help me in addition to QueenMia.  The restoration of the magic beans and the gold bars to my farm heroes is the last step in the restoration that QueenMia helped me with (I had problems with CC, Soda, and Jelly too.)  It was a problem that was known but could not be replicated at King therefore the only solution was to fully delete the app and then have it restored by someone at King.  It has been awhile so I will attached the screen shot here again. The other boosters have been restored.  The beans and gold are the last items that need to be done.  thank you. - Naia
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 9,396 Community Manager
    Hi @Naia and happy New Year :) 

    Looks like the beans were added to the Mobile version and do not show when you play from your desktop. I've added them again and that should be fine now. Could you please check?


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  • NaiaNaia Posts: 34 Level 2
    @QueenMia - Happy New Year to you too.  The gold bars are fully restored and then some, thank you! The beans are still wrong on my mobile.  I have not checked the desktop.  I'm afraid to play anywhere but one device for fear of anything going wrong again.

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