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Level 2185 too many chicks

krystlerose Posts: 93 Level 3
edited January 2019 in Discussions
Have to make 6 chicks from scratch but mushrooms are in blocks under chicken for eggs so have to get mushrooms first. 6 chicks is way too many. 1 possibly 2 would be it.


  • bjkeough
    bjkeough Posts: 33 Level 2
    The hardest part for me on that board is gathering enough crops... It had been awhile since I completed that lvl so I went and did a test run... Using only three shovels, I start the board off by bonking the top chicken with a shovel, hopefully it remains a egg instead of directly to a hatchling.  This will automatically get both chickens on the board.  After I do that I use a shovel to break the ice over a mushroom.  Now, you gotta keep those chickens laying eggs with lucky cascades and hopefully hitting them both with one move.  Now if the chickens sit in spots where you can't touch them, use your last shovel to move one.  If the chickens destroy key mushrooms early or get stuck in places you can't touch them... You're done. 

    I just did five test runs and on the fifth try I had all six chicks with 11 turns left... But, I ended up losing... I just barely got enough mushrooms and apples but ca!me up 7 short on carrots.  The only reason I passed on my original attempt was using the booster trail.  Those extra three turns and all the boosters really help! 

    If your having a hard time with the chicks only, id suggest using an egg cracker booster when you have the opportune boad.  That particular booster is easily obtained through quests, I have over thirty of them saved up.
  • Lady_Choo
    Lady_Choo Posts: 23,748 Pet Rescue Moderator
    Thank you for the feedback @krystlerose and the tips @bjkeough!
    @MarkHawk could you pass this feedback over to the studio pretty please in case they have other reports :) 

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