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Level 2311 - Having problems with collecting the 70 mushrooms

krystlerose Posts: 93 Level 3
edited February 2019 in Discussions
Having problems with collecting the 70 mushrooms.  Any hints at making more mushrooms? I used 3 lives to try and get through it but that didn't even work. I gave up not wanting to keep putting more money into this game.


  • krystlerose
    krystlerose Posts: 93 Level 3
    17 moves for 70 mushrooms but have to remove flowers first for mushrooms to grow seem impossible. Most mushrooms I am getting are 6. 
  • Nyinyi
    Nyinyi Posts: 11 Level 2
    Same here. Been stuck in this level for 2 whole weeks.
    Please fix!  
  • khittiekat
    khittiekat Posts: 1 Newbie

    Been stuck on level 2311 for a month at least. Help!

  • abe_coffee
    abe_coffee Posts: 1,975 Level 5
    edited December 2023

    Hi khittiekat

    welcome to the community

    2311 is identified correctly ... it is a hard level

    It appears that the number of mushrooms has been  reduced from 70 to 60. The number of

    moves is now 21. It is still very difficult. 

    After 75 attempts using no boosters the closest to 60 mushrooms was 49 for me. It is rare to reach 

    30 mushrooms.

    One approach is to use the +1 booster along with a color collector.

    When you get 25 to 30 mushrooms with at least 2 moves left,

    then apply several +1 to guarantee reaching 60 mushrooms.

    On the next move play the color collector on the mushrooms.

    Make sure enough carrots and onions have been collected before using the boosters.

    Good luck

  • krystlerose
    krystlerose Posts: 93 Level 3

    So this was originally my post in 2019 (4 years ago wow!) and I am now on level 4255 which I take my time playing. I don't spend money on game so that's why so long but you will get through it.

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