Lost Beans with Rancid when game froze

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Level 861. 90 beans for Producer. 875 beans for Rancid Booster. Then game froze BEFORE next screen to play. Had to restart. Now, I don't have enough beans to play. Can I get reimbursed for the beans I lost due to this app technical problems? FYI when this game freezes, my entire phone becomes useless until I remove the battery and restart my phone. Ugh! 


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    Welcome to our Community @Muzikpik :)

    We're unable to replace lost items as this needs to go through the Player Support team here

    As for the game crashing, with improvements to graphics, sound and the addition of new features in our games, some older devices may not be able to handle the implemented changes. Performance may vary and crashing issues may disrupt the enjoyment of the game. 

    On Android devices, our apps require OS 5 or higher. As a last resort, try re-installing the game, it usually fixes most issues (please note that any progress on the mobile device that has not been synchronized with Facebook/King account at this stage will be lost.

    However, all the progress that is currently saved on Facebook/King account can easily be retrieved, once you have reconnected the device successfully). Regrettably, you will lose any saved boosters and messages. I would recommend using these up before re-installing, if possible.

    If reinstalling did not help, get back to us with the following details so we can look into it:

    - Model and iOS of your device: To find this follow these steps: Settings > General > About > Make a note of the "model" and the "version"

    - Game app version: To find this follow these steps: Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage > name of the game > Make a note of the version number

    - Available storage space: To find this follow these steps: Settings > General > Usage in the right column. Under Storage, you will see the storage capacity of your device and how much you still have available.

    Hope this helps :)

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