(FINISHED) Fancy 30 Gold bars? Let us know what level you're on!

QueenBQueenB Posts: 3,101 Community Moderator
edited November 11 in The Fun Area
What level you're on? 🤔

Let me know by commenting below 👇

0 lucky winners will be randomly picked and receive 30 Gold bars each!

🤩 EASY! 

It does not matter what level you're at as it won't affect the draw. You all have the same chance to win that you've just started or already reached the last levels. 

You have until Monday the 11th of November, at 13 pm CET to participate!

I'll start first, I'm currently on level 1900 🤗

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  • wendycatwendycat Posts: 4
    I am on 1160 :)
  • RancidRancid Posts: 336 Game Expert
    Right now I'm on level 1559, but not for much longer!
  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 1,429 Legend

  • Foley1362Foley1362 Posts: 9,033 Superstar
    Hey @QueenB - not very far yet since I’ve only been playing this game a couple weeks now but up to level 109 so far 💪🏻

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  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 6,625 Superstar
    Hello @QueenB (love your costume) 🤗  

    I am at level # 2653 --> Been stuck there from few days.... it is Super Hard and tricky Level.  Trying to finish without buying any extra moves or boosters. This level is a test for my strategic skills :D:D    

    🍭❄️ It's going to be Friend-Tastic
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  • candycrushinitcandycrushinit Posts: 654 Game Expert
    Happy early Halloween @QueenB
    I'm on level 36 right now
    Have a farmtastic Friday!
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  • MarionLomitzkyMarionLomitzky Posts: 1

    Ich bin schon ganz schön weit gekommen.

  • KettlechipsKettlechips Posts: 1
    I'm on level 2679,tricky as out of gold bars and beans
  • Joe_monnieJoe_monnie Posts: 8
    I'm on level 703. 
  • Joe_monnieJoe_monnie Posts: 8
    Oh WOW! Well I started playing this game about 4 or 5 years ago and but only for a year or less lol and I've been off work for 8 months due to surgery. Kinda hoping I don't go back cause this is a VERY ADDICTIVE GAME! 
  • Joe_monnieJoe_monnie Posts: 8
    Lol should I take a pic and upload it on here? 
  • DiadDiad Posts: 54 ✭✭
    Level 2672 although progress is quite slow now.
  • Joe_monnieJoe_monnie Posts: 8
    @Kettlechips do you have any idea when I will start offered to watch an ad for boosters?? I ended up using around 5000 beans buying the shovel offer lol and of course 90 beans to use for help on the game. 
  • Joe_monnieJoe_monnie Posts: 8
    @Diad I can only imagine! I've been having trouble with lev
    els under 800 lol and that's what I need to do know that the levels are getting a little more "Brain Worthy"  good luck!
  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 1,429 Legend

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