I WANT the OLD format back.

Gram23Gram23 Posts: 1
This is a request to bring back the old format on Farm Heros Saga.  I love the game and do NOT like the new format.  Very dissappointed and the game is not fun anymore.   I probably won't be playing much longer.  I was up in the 1430 range.   


  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 3,101 Community Moderator

    I understand you've been a long time Facebook player and just noticed the changes. This is because Flash is on it's way out and Chrome has just released a new version where we manually have to enable Flash. 

    At King, we want to provide the best gaming experience so we need to follow the changes and make sure you can keep playing our games without going to too much trouble so HTML5 is the answer.

    Almost of King games have been running on HTML5 now but Farm was a little behind so we're currently testing how this works so we can make improvements. If you have any feedback, please check out our Community here: http://to.king.com/0yQn

    Changes are inevitable so give it some time and you'll get used to this new feature in no time 😉 

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