Level not solvable

andrejaledererandrejalederer Posts: 4 New Bee
I'm at level 2448 and it's not solvable in any way. Wrote to the support team, bit never got an answer.
Very disappointed 


  • piaanderssonpiaandersson Posts: 164 Level 3
    edited December 2019
    @andrejalederer does your level look like the picture I put in. If it doesen´t can you take a picture/screenshoot of yours so it show the different. You can find on this site screenshot.org. how to take a screenshoot. You can choose language and what device you play on.

    The link to the video I put in are for the level that show on the picture. That player used a companion.
    Level 2448 on you tube.

  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 7,588 Superstar
    Hello @andrejalederer A Warm Welcome to the Farm Heroes section of our friendly King Community :) 

    Just tried the level and the main hard parts in this level would be the "Oysters" and then the "Flower Bud" in the bottom row.

    Hello @piaandersson Unfortunately, the video you have provided will not be much helpful, but we can get basic idea how to beat the level though.  The actual level is different from the video because except for the top 4 flower buds, rest of them are frozen!!  

    ** The "Grower" companion will be very helpful as the flower buds are frozen, but then the Oysters won't drop out and we cannot collect all 14 by the end of the game!  So, my suggestion for you is to select the "Hitter" companion.  

    ** With this you can take care of the Oysters and also grow 10 flower buds but the bottom one (which I have marked in below screenshot), as they all are in your reach :+1: 

    ** With few tries, the bottom flower also can be collected but, we need luck.  So, I would suggest you to go with the "Shovel Booster" to collect that flower. 

    Please post back if you need further assistance.  If you tap on "Type your Comment" box located below, you can write back.  

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