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Why did my special event game disappear?

imabearnutimabearnut Posts: 78 Level 3

HELP!! 😟

My Valentine’s Day special event game disappeared when it still had over a day to go!


  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 9,489 Superstar

    Hello @imabearnut Hope you had a nice weekend 🤗

    Actually, for me the Valentines day event is ending in couple of hours. So, probably, depending on the place you live, it has ended already!! Not sure!!

    What I have noticed is that from past week or so, these events are playing Hide and Seek" with me!! To bring back the event, I was logging and logging out, turning off my device and restarting it and then play a regular level, etc., repeat the same for few times, then the event would pop-up!!

    I know very annoying... but whatever works, right? See if that works for you also!! If not, please post back, and I will give a heads-up to the Farm Game Community In-charge! This might not help to bring back your event but, it will help as a feedback to the Farm Studio!

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