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(ENDED)!🏆 New Farmtastic Contest - Beat the Superstar 💫✨

firebombmarkus Posts: 13,110 Sweet Legend
edited May 2020 in Contests

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Third "Farmtastic Beat the Superstar Score" Challenge!

Every two weeks you will have a chance to beat the score of a Superstar. This week our Superstar is @firebombmarkus and you have to try to beat his score of 304,000 on level 610.

Anyone who can beat the score will win 3 shovel boosters; however, the top three scores will win Gold Bars and a very special Champion Badge!

🥇1st Best score: 30 GB + Badge

🥈2nd Best score: 25 GB + Badge

🥉3rd Best score: 20 GB + Badge

You have until 1500 CET, 18th May to enter the contest.

Contest Terms & Condition link here.



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