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  • Giovanna2009
    Giovanna2009 Posts: 132 Level 2

    Do you connect to your PC and then to your cell phone? They are linked?

  • Gosia3737
    Gosia3737 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited May 2020

    **Edit by CM: Unsupported language**

  • Lady_Choo
    Lady_Choo Posts: 24,927 Pet Rescue Moderator
    edited May 2020

    I can remember a time before companions lol. @encantes which device are you playing on? On pc now you just need to scroll back with a mouse wheel if you have one. Much easier.

    Also usually every one does have the same amounts of moves. The only difference is if they are trialling changing them, or they have been changed since release.

  • cilantro
    cilantro Posts: 117 Level 2

    I love Farm Heroes Saga. Overall the game is pretty Awesome! One thing I do wish would happen maybe is when you win the level and you still have more lives to use on the level till you're done, when u use them maybe like u should get extra beans or something like that if you get what I mean I hope. But that's all. Overall, I love the game. 😍😍

  • BQN537
    BQN537 Posts: 25,155 Pro Player 👑

    Thanks @encantes for tagging me.

    I have been playing this game for years.

    The only thing that I find a bit different now is the messages you have to accept them individually where as a few years ago you could just click accept all and presto done and the beans I have so many that there isn’t really much to do with them you can’t buy boosters with them so they just keep going up and up.

    Overall the game is very interesting and fun no visual problems or anything like that 🐨🐬

    VGPANNELL89 Posts: 8 Level 2

    Thanks @encantes for the tag. Like most of the previous statements I wish there were new fruits/vegetables added to change the colors a bit. The tractor has been extremely helpful. It would be nice to keep my horse longer than a day once I win it. Also it would be nice to use the beans to buy items from a store for much needed items that we may have a hard time of earning. The main thing I would like to update is the Farm Club. It keeps saying I have 2 notifications but I've been through the companions and rewards list with no avail of how to get it fixed.

  • claudiawojtyla
    claudiawojtyla Posts: 188 Level 3

    I like this game the way it is ;)

  • encantes
    encantes Posts: 5,924 Farm Moderator

    @Chicken_Slayer I Play only with my mobile and trust me it's very hard to play old level if you are around 3000.

  • Gamer2000
    Gamer2000 Posts: 4 Newbie

    What all can the beans be used for?

  • piaandersson
    piaandersson Posts: 1,030 Level 5
    edited May 2020

    To many popups in the game. Like when there is an event. I have played a level and goes back to the main screen there comes a popup about the event. Yes I know, I just left it so it´s just annoying and the popup can comes up after I have played a regular level also annoying. And when I sent life and close on the red X. Popup shows again so I have to click on the X again. When you click on the X it should be enough whit one click.

    And that they should fix that wannanna says. That the blue connection button show up in the messages place. And the only way to get rid of it to close the game. That button should not be there it should be the button that says send life.

    When it comes to reach old levels that encantes say. It should be very good so a searchbar where you can write the levelnumber. The searchbar could be placed in the boxes where the quest/event are. It a little harder to put a searchbar on the but it should be duable.

    And fix some things. Like that if you have an event it should stay there and not disseapear before it finished. And if you get a challenge that you really get the messages/popup that you have it.

    Stop making old levels harder. They are hard enough as it is even lower levels that should supposed to be easy are now hard.

    Create new normal events that have 9 levels. The ones that are is flower tower, peral paradise and chicken coop. They could do event where the main object are sheep and another one they can do are one where the main object are the bulls. For me that played a "couple" of years the normal events have become boring since it always the same that came back.

    The other events that are little special like the one that are no they can make them a little bit easier and have better rewards.

    Other then that I like the game.

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