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Searchbar for finding levels

piaandersson Posts: 1,032 Level 5
edited May 2020 in Ideas

I would like to see a searchbar where you can write in the number of a level and that get you to that level. Because sometimes you want to play or just check out some older levels but as it is today it take forever to get to old levels. In a mobile/tablet you have to swipe and that take time. On it take even longer time because you have to drag the screen whit the mouse.

The searchbar could be placed in the box where the quest/event are. On there is no quest/event but it should be duable to put a searchbar even there.

This is something I would like to see in all devices so all players have it. Mobile phones/tablets, computers (facebook, and win 10 app)

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Great news! The Studio has developed a “Go To Level” feature to make scrolling and switching levels on the main map easier and more accessible just for YOU! Check it out here:



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