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🏅Weekly Race - Show us how many levels you've passed this week and collect badges 🍏

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Howdy Farmers,

I know that you guys love to play Farm Heroes - But how many levels can you pass in a week?!

👉 Show us how many you can pass in a week to collect your Farm-Tastic badges 🙌

🍏 How?

Share your level at the beginning of the week and then again at the end of it (you can post both screenshots in the same comment!):

💫 Pass 15 levels or more and get the 15 levels badge

💫 Pass 30 levels or more and get the 30 levels badge

💫 Pass 50 levels or more and get the 50 levels badge

💫 Pass 75 levels or more and get the 75 levels badge

💫 Pass 100 levels or more and get the 100 levels badge

💫 Pass 150 levels or more and get the 150 levels badge

💫 Pass 200 levels or more and get the 200 level badge

So now you have one more good reason to share your progress and show who's the Farm Heroes' Boss 😎

Ready? Join by commenting below 👇👇

🍏 You don't play Farm Heroes yet?!

Well, you definitely should give it a try! Those cropsies are too cute not to help them out 😉

👉 Install the game HERE and enjoy the ride to the Farm 🌟

Here is some more info about the race:

You can share your progress every day, at any time - It does not have to be a proper full week, nor from Monday to Sunday. The most important is that we cheer for each other and share our successes! Together we're stronger and can beat more levels 💪😉

Badges are given manually, so bear with us - It might take a few days before you get them added to your profile.

Looking for more FHS badges?

🥕 Level 1000

☀️ Level 2000

🍏 Level 3000

💧 Level 4000

🍓 Level 5000

Happy playing, everyone and don't forget to have fun 🐝

☀️ Want to participate? Sign up here in 2 seconds! 🍏



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