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Golden Pin Leaderboard

RancidRancid Posts: 1,196 Game Expert

Originally, if you collected enough Golden Pins in an episode, you would get either a Bronze, Silver or Gold trophy. For whatever reason, the trophioes are long gone, but the Golden Pin Challenge remains. So how about a leader board? There would be two categories. The first one would be for the most amount of pins, with the most pins collected at the top of the table. However if two or more players had the same amount of pins, the person who collected the amount by completing the fewest levels would be first. The second table would be for your percentage of Golden Pins. If you have completed 100 levels and have 90 Golden Pins, then your percentage would be 90%. With this table, if two or more players had the same percentage, the person who collected the amount by completing the most levels would be first.

So now it's tagging time:

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