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Can I block a player sending life requests

ematalieematalie Posts: 3 Newbie

I have a specific player who constantly bombards me with life requests. I logged in today and there are 45 requests from the same player asking for lives but they NEVER give them back. I have no problem giving lives to any fellow players but this player is a bit extreme. Can I block them.?


  • Freddy_FalknerFreddy_Falkner Posts: 43,487 Sweet Legend

    @ematalie Hi and welcome, Unfortunately it is not possible to block a certain player unless you know who they are and can remove them from your friends list. I tend to accept all as they will only get 1 life per day and find when they know this they calm down with the requests. other than that you can just choose to ignore them or you can turn Facebook notifications off but this will stop all notifications.

    Sad this happens but better to have the option of free lives in the game than none at all

    Thank you

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  • MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 1,213 Legend

    Hello @ematalie and Welcome to our farmtastic community! We are happy to have you join us and enjoy the benefits of visiting this community.

    In addition to what my friend @Freddy_Falkner shared, I would add something I learned recently. While a player only gets one life when sending multiple requests, the other requests get 100 magic beans sent to the requester. So, the player may be amassing lots of magic beans instead of lives.

    I have a player who is constantly asking me for lives, too, and I always accept all requests. Eventually, the player started sending me lives and magic beans! Maybe this will happen for you, too. Don't let one player negatively impact your enjoyment of farming with us.

  • RancidRancid Posts: 1,515 Legend

    I have had a player like this for maybe two years now. 100 requests a day is not out of the ordinary. So I feel your pain.

    Just keep swimming ~ wafercookieflippers

  • 一氧化二氫一氧化二氫 Posts: 11,565 Legend

    Hi everyone.

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