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Questions about Events

HeadlessHeadless Posts: 42 Level 2

I am wondering if the event games that used to come up most of the time - the ones where you progress through levels and win beans and other things - will be available again any time soon? I haven't seen any come up to play since the Teams began.

I am also wondering if any events of any kind will be available when playing on King.com. There have never been any events available for me on King.com since the game switched over from being Java games. Even the team events don't show when I am playing on King.com. It always just says that events are "coming soon". Also, my Team is there on King,com, but all I can see on the teams are the team members and the chat. Event area is always "coming soon" even when there is an event going on that I see when I log in elsewhere, and I don't even get the 5 pick axes for logging in when I play on king.com.

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