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Can’t move to next level

tinarowell2gmailtinarowell2gmail Posts: 2 Newbie

I can’t seem to Play level 1344 and have lost my team Mateš. Playing on mobile iPhone as always

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  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 14,225 Farm Moderator

    Hello @tinarowell2gmail 🤗 Hearty Welcome to our Wonderful Farm King Community!

    ** I am sorry to hear that you are not able to play level # 1344! Can you please explain why you are no5 able to play the level?

    What is happening when you click on it? Or is it not appearing in the map itself? Can you please post a screenshot of your map?

    ** With regards to losing your team — did you change your device? Did anything change?

    Are you a team-leader? If not, might there be a chance that your team leader you are in has removed you from group OR you have accidentally left your team?

    Can you please reply to these above questions? You can simply type your reply in the blank box given below.

    To post a screenshot of your game map, click on the 2nd icon located in the bottom left corner (next to emoticons).

    Hope to talk to you soon! Have a Farmtastic day 🍓 🍓 🍓

    Signature - Moderators 2021 FHS PummyRajpng
  • tinarowell2gmailtinarowell2gmail Posts: 2 Newbie

    When i click on thevlevel in Maps the choo choo challenge comes up and i say okay then it goes back to map and then again to choo choo challenge That’s the only two screens i see it doesn’t take me to Play the level

  • Grumpy_Old_ManGrumpy_Old_Man Posts: 117 Level 3
    Accepted Answer

    Hi @tinarowell2gmail and welcome to our friendly forums. Sopmetimes in cases like this, I have found that you need to click near the level on the map screen, instead of on it. It's a glitch that I have seen from time to time.

    Accepted Answer
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