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👉 ***ENDED ***Battle of the Farm Mods! ⚽ ⚽ Guess correctly and get a badge!



  • bekicrusher
    bekicrusher Posts: 1,454 Level 5

    Hey @encantes and @Lady_Choo, kudos for an interesting contest, sadly I know absolutely nothing about football 🙉🤦

    I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a tie and the decision will come down to the penalties, but I'm leaning towards Italy 🇮🇹 to win!

  • PrettyBubbles
    PrettyBubbles Posts: 24,178 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @Lady_Choo Its England all the way for me

    O my dont get me started I am a massive football fan Aston Villa is my home team and I am all out for England my stress levels go through the roof I was bad enough Wednesday I was off the sofa on the sofa I thought I would have a cardiac lol I nearly knocked on the door of the asylum shouting let me in lol

    So Sunday oh my God help me 🙏💓

  • imabearnut
    imabearnut Posts: 736 Level 4
  • Pitty_Kitty
    Pitty_Kitty Posts: 13,008 Soda Moderator

    Well, for all I know it could go either way

    But my guess would be Italy 🤣

  • Owly123
    Owly123 Posts: 144 Level 3

    England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⚽️🏆

  • candycrushinit
    candycrushinit Posts: 12,600 Level 5

    Let’s go England! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • BubbleGumSoda
    BubbleGumSoda Posts: 4,892 Level 5
    edited July 2021

    My vote is for England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • fandad
    fandad Posts: 35 Level 2

    My guess is Italy for the win.

    Thank you @encantes for the tag

  • Anahita_2005
    Anahita_2005 Posts: 18,821 Level 5
    edited July 2021

    Hi there @Lady_Choo!

    I've watched almost all Euro 2020 matches. I've to say that Italy is a strong team, beating Spain is not easy! But England isn't a weak team either! They sent Germany home! And game against Denmark was quite tough too. My instinct says that the decision would come in the form of penalty shoot-outs and:

    Italy will be lifting up the Cup! 🏆️🇮🇹

    And for the finals only, I will be up at night (match starting time would be 12:30 am here)😁

    If you ask me, a final isn't worth a final if doesn't keep you at the edge of your seats!😉

  • Lady_Choo
    Lady_Choo Posts: 24,908 Pet Rescue Moderator
    edited July 2021

    @Anahita_2005 nooooo no penalties, my finger nails won't stand it and I have to listen to the teen who thinks he is Manchester United's manager and coach rolled into one.

    I learn all sorts of new words when he curses 🤭🤭

    I forgot the time differences haha.

    In the UK some schools are opening later Monday morning. Many work places are closing early tomorrow night.

    History is being written and even if we don't have the cup, we got to the end. As long as the other team plays fairly and the referee isn't blind to any fouls against us I will be happy.

    Please also @encantes and any other Italian supporters remember. The fans are not a representative of England. I was so ashamed when I read stories of things that happened again Denmark. The game was still won fairly but disrespect should never happen. Boos happen when our teams take the knee too, to show against racism and that makes me sad. The fans should be grown ups. The children behave better.

    The majority of English are nice respectful people.

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