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Farm Tournament

Just_Me-2 Posts: 274 Level 3
edited September 2021 in Support


I am only required to collect 150 strawberries to qualify for the above mentioned event. I played, completed 1785 and collected 347 strawberries but the score shows zero. I am in position 13. Unfortunately I did not take a screenshot to prove the number of strawberries I collected. Can you please help me and advise what went wrong? Thank you.


  • PummyRaj
    PummyRaj Posts: 35,320 Candy Moderator

    Hello dear @Just_Me-2 πŸ€— It is very nice to see you back here in the Community!

    About the "Farm Tournament" -- it was the same for me too, when I played this morning. There were few glitches in this Tournament when it appeared last time too.

    I would suggest you to make sure that the App is updated, and leave it like that. Don't try to delete & reinstall the App and/or do not delete the cache/cookies.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing you or I can do with this regards! I will report about it to our Farm In-charge to inform the Studio, But, I am not sure if the Studio will be able to make any changes as the event is already out now 🀷

    I will let you know if I have any news! Once again, very nice to see you 😍

  • Just_Me-2
    Just_Me-2 Posts: 274 Level 3
    edited September 2021

    Hi PummyRaj,

    Thanks for your reply. It is somewhat disappointing that the points did not get added the first time. The level I played and completed was a super hard one too and I made sure to collect lots of strawberries for the event. My game is up to date so I am not sure why it did not work and I also have not cleared any cache or cookies

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