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Purchase getting stuck!

rfjh5 Posts: 52 Level 2
edited November 2021 in Support

Ever since the collecting of honey pots for rewards was replaced by a piggy bank on Farm Heroes Saga, I had felt reluctant to use the piggy bank as it requires you to spend money, which I am short of, to buy gold bars. I finally took the bait and spent my hard-earned cash, as I was hoping to maybe buy extra moves on a Farm Heroes level that I had been stuck on for over a week, but all I got for my money was the option to buy more lives, when my lives are already full!!! I'm now faced with this option every time I log into the game so I can't even receive my daily rewards for Farming and have consequently been unable to farm now for over 2 weeks. If I cannot find an answer to resolve this I will have to request @PummyRaj to delete me from her team. Hopefully, someone can provide an answer as to how I might be able to continue my Farming? Thanks @rfjh5



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