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PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 15,797 Farm Moderator
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Howdy Farmers 👨‍🌾 👩‍🌾

🎄Holidays are just around the corner 🎄 We all are waiting for the festival, so that we can have a wonderful time with our family and friends 🎄

Shall we start the celebrations by sending a nice warm message to the Farm Studio team and tell them how wonderful they are? 🤩 😍

I am sure they will like that very much 👑 But, we have to hurry so that our Farm Queen can share our messages with the Farm Studio, before they leave for the Holidays ⛄️ 🎁 🎄

Don't you just love how the Cropsies are dressed up in these Holiday outfits!

Every Farmer that shares their love with the Farm Team will receive this festive badge

You have until 22nd December, 2021 to collect the Badge ❄️

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