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PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 18,200 Farm Moderator
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Hello dear Farmers 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾

How are you all doing in this super hot Summer for some of us; and super cool weather for some?

I thought of running a different contest for you all to forget the weather calamities by having fun in our beloved cool Farm and show off your skills at the same time. So, how about another "score related" contest?

Let's see what the challenge is 🤩

Play any level of your choice (from level 126 and above) and match one digit of your achieved score with one digit of the level number.

Example: Play level # 126 and achieve a score of 200,000 OR 230,000 OR 150,000 OR 360,000, etc.,

See my score above? I have matched the digit 8 in both level and my score


10 Farmers will be chosen randomly from all valid entries and rewarded with 30 Gold Bars each;

Rules & Guidelines📜

  • You can play any level from 126 and above;
  • The achieved score can contain only one matching digit from the level number(s);
  • You can only match from 1 to 9; Zeros (0) are not allowed;
  • Not allowed to play level # 125 and level # 625;
  • You are allowed to post 2 entries - same level or different levels;
  • The screen shot must contain both Level number and Winning score;
  • Do not cover and/or edit anything in your screenshot;
  • Please post both your screenshots as separate entries;
  • Only above kind of screenshot will be allowed - with Magic Beans and/or Stars;
  • The score from the "high score list" will not be approved as we cannot see the Level number;
  • Don't forget to mark your hard earned scores with your name/initials/something unique to prevent stealing 🙄


For now, this contest will run till 20:00 pm (CEST) on 30th July, 2022;

Other timings: 19:00 pm (GMT) / 14:00 pm (USA EST)

If you guys are having difficulty to achieve the goal and need more time, I will definitely extend it 👍️

Terms and Conditions here.

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