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Happy Friday farmers!

Summer break has officially ended in the UK and its back to term times again.

Rancid is in big trouble because he had some holiday homework set by Amelia so they could enter the school contest, but as per usual, he hasn't done it! So he needs your help to complete it quickly before she finds out! She has been polishing her trophy ready anticipating a triumph. (Not sure why because would YOU trust Rancid??)

This is the homework 👇👇

Can you tell Rancid what the final answer is?

How to play❓❓

Work out the values for each cropsie to reveal the final answer. Write it in the comments section below

Also add if you play by mobile, windows app or still over on Facebook. That's important!


Five winners chosen at random will win SIX HOURS of unlimited lives! But these are available to mobile users only sadly (Something technical I don't know why!)

If you don't have a mobile, an alternative prize of 3 egg crackers boosters will be given

(If you win the lives, I would strongly recommend you don't open the game until you are ready to use them!)

Duration ⌛⏳

Contest ends 17:00 CEST or 16:00 BST Friday 9th September

terms and Conditions here

Not got a community account? Sign up here to take part!

Good luck everyone!!!!



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