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☕ Farm Pass - Coffee Season

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New adventures—brewed to perfection!

Fuel your soul with aromatic joy. This new Season is packed with adventures that are rich, bold, and full of flavour.

How to Play!

Beat any new levels, collect points and earn rewards!

Super hard levels provide more points!

Where can I find Farm Pass?

Look for the Farm Pass button under the event tab!


From the 1st of May until the 28th of May!


The pass is only available for a limited period. The event has a timer that counts down the time, so the player should be able to see how much time there is left until the event ends

Don't miss out on these sweet rewards:

Don't miss out on the new a new 1-2-3 Grow unearth itself as you grow your very own Coffee Bean.

Want a 123 grow badge? Don't miss out on it HERE!


Not everybody has access to this feature, as this is still being tested, so only a group of players will have it. Don't worry. If you don't have it this time, you will get a chance to test this in the future as long as you always ensure your game is up to date!

More in the Community...

Post a screenshot of your Farm Pass completed and earn this lovely badge!

You have until the 29th of May to collect the badge!

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☕ Farm Pass - Coffee Season 54 votes

Love the theme
Maja_NikolicThmoPummyRajWerner_CichyAmychristineamy__Moh1977LeFlarcaneashilyasteeweipingndd_2023Tanu_chauhan_1001celiiiieugen888 13 votes
I'm in love with the 123 Grow Coffee Cropsie
SabrinaMkiara_waeltaimMountainMomjdladysaramooShagunproRkell14 8 votes
Aaah coffee, can't live without it
QueenBLady_Chooabe_coffeeBQN537encantesDieOmimirebelchildPrincess_JessicaLady_SarinaRacoon7Palash_SarmaAmoonmoonNico_GKiki_gLumiskell71gmailEvery1LovesJewelsdanic10280 17 votes
I enjoy Farm Pass as it offers great rewards
Marcemarce22bearwithmeDada13La LeyMollySTasty_Cakegordan10bramamMariussi89dragutu666goodieshKingLitSkititsMieRenacerbuecheladams 15 votes
Not my type of events...please comment why
me6412 1 vote


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