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Balloon Pop - New feature test!

QueenB Posts: 12,330 Community Manager
edited September 18 in Discussions

Howdy Farmers,

Get ready to immerse yourself in a captivating mini-game where your aim is to pop balloons and unveil incredible rewards hidden within. Each balloon holds the potential for boosters and treasures, while others might just keep you guessing. πŸŽπŸ’Ž

By participating in the Balloon Pop mini-game, you'll be able to burst those colorful balloons and claim your well-deserved prizes. But, there's a twist!

To pop a balloon, you'll need darts, and you can earn these by watching quick ads. It's a small task that leads to big wins! πŸ“ΊπŸŽ―

How does it work!

Seelect of the balloons in which you believe there might be an ad, watch it and earn your reward.

As mentioned, this is a test so not everyone has it yet.

We would like to hear your feedback - What's your opinion on the new feature?

Vote and comment below and your feedback will get shared with the team behind the feature ☺️

Balloon Pop - New feature test! 33 votes

Awesome! Absolutely love it, great job! πŸ₯³
Maja_NikolicEva_TolarovΓ‘kiara_waelPalash_SarmaNico_G 5 votes
It's good, but needs some tweaks to be perfect πŸ™‚
PummyRajDieOmimiTerri_1Amoonmoon 4 votes
Undecided, still exploring its benefits πŸ€”
teeweipingKingShuvo 2 votes
Not a fan, I'd rather stick to the old ways of watching ads 😐
Spinnifixcarrotkings 2 votes
Don't have this feature
LaValeWerner_CichyElfkeSabrinaMbearwithmeBQN537MiladyRLa LeyElenaVoronaMcgrew1977Princess_JessicaCassDRacoon7SApple2yvie1eugen888JFckrllkassidyg9pipidoeke3BORSTI90 20 votes


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