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(ENDED) 👉 Are you ready for back to school? Chance to win!

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Happy Monday Farmers 🤗

Time for a new contest! Are you ready for back to school? Hunter and Amelia are!

Amelia wants to give hunter something to really think about. But Hunter is really going to need your help with this one!

This is the puzzle 👇🏻

How to play? 🤔

If you have ever played Sudoku, its exactly the same. We just use icons instead of numbers. You can find detailed instructions here

There are 6 icons

There are 6 squares in a block.

🐷 Each block can only contain one of each icon.

🐷 Each row and column can only have one of each icon in.

Example with Amelia. She cannot go in the columns marked in blue as she is already in there. The same would be for the lines across. This time there is only one area she can go.

🐷 Always start with the icon that there is more of as it makes it easier.

How do I enter?

However you can. You can copy and paste the images. You can print it out and upload or you can screenshot and use colours and initials if you want. The icons are all numbered so use numbers if you prefer.

As long as I can see which character you are meaning I will accept that! It's whatever you find easier so you can take part!

Rewards 🥇

After all that hair pulling, 5 random winners will win 15 gold bars and 3 hunter boosters

Duration ⏳

Contest ends 17:00 CEST Monday 4th September 18:00 CEST

Terms and Conditions here

Puzzle lovingly created by @johamilton after I sprung it on her at short notice and didn't explain it very well.

Good luck everyone!!!!



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