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  • piaandersson
    piaandersson Posts: 1,022 Level 5

    @Lady_Choo It hade changed from the original version, that I still have. And it have changed from the bad version that came in june.

    I have read this discussion from the start in october and I have read all comments from the players that have written here. I have written here in this before. And I want to know if the studio have listen to the player that have written here.

    From what I get there is one thing they have listen to. Racoon said that hero just gave extra to one crops. Now it seems that it gives to all crops that should be collected. But has anything else changed about the comments that have been given. How about the crops that´s not should be collected like suns and water for 1-2-3 grow. We miss out crops for 1-2-3 grow, for the quest and I think even for farmers market when it automaic play hero mode.

    If they not going to change anymore when will this version be released to all. So I just want to know the status now when it have been around a while.

  • Lady_Choo
    Lady_Choo Posts: 24,191 Pet Rescue Moderator

    The crop that should be collected for 1 ,2,3 grow? They are collected. I don't know about quests but farmers market they do. I've collected loads tonight so idk what to tell you: I have it and I'm happy with it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • piaandersson
    piaandersson Posts: 1,022 Level 5

    @Lady_Choo I don´t know if we talking about the same thing.

    All crops in a level counts and always have. Thats´s why you can collect for example suns and water to 1-2-3 grow even when suns/water not the goal.

    But when you came to hero mode. When you play on your own you can focus on for example suns/water and get extra. When it play automatic they don´t get extra points so you miss out. Or do you mean that you see on suns/water that they also get numbers on it, so if you have 3 water crops do they get the same number that the crops that should be collected.

    From what others have written they not get extra. So you miss out.

  • Racoon7
    Racoon7 Posts: 15,791 Pro Player 👑

    Hi @piaandersson and @Lady_Choo

    It might be difficult to select which specific cropsies we want to collect in Hero Mode now, however a turn off hero mode would allow us to play our using moves how we want 🤗

  • piaandersson
    piaandersson Posts: 1,022 Level 5

    @Racoon7 It have been suggested that to do it as option so player can choose. It has been suggested from the start when the bad version came and it have been suggested in this thread. In the bad version when it first came there was two buttons, how they was supposed to work I don´t know because they didn´t worked.

    When they changed the speed it was many that didn´t like that so they did it as option so player could choose. So they can make it an option now with hero mode.

  • Racoon7
    Racoon7 Posts: 15,791 Pro Player 👑

    There was 2 buttons as you said.

    I never tried turning off the Hero mode. So I can't comment on the function back then.

    However I believe when the new hero mode was released that option was one a lot of players would have liked to have had, myself included. I didn't like it at all.

    Hero mode has improved greatly, but not all that was promised has been implicated.

    I would like the option to play for what cropsie we want.

  • piaandersson
    piaandersson Posts: 1,022 Level 5

    @Racoon7 You write "but not all that was promised has been implicated" and I agree with you. When you read the first post in this discussion/thread it even sounds better then the original. But it´s not, because that is not only the cropsie you miss out.

    Do you have quest. If you have you know that is not only cropsie that you should collect. Even the blockers like chicken and crackers and the others. Depending on level you can collect more than the goal. Whit this hero mode you can´t.

    So this hero mode is worse then the original. Sure that are players that like it that the game play it automatic that it save time. But we who don´t like it what should we do. They change so much that makes the game harder and now they changed one way to collect what we need to play the levels.

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