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📣 Coming Soon - Farm Advent Calendar 📣

PummyRaj Posts: 32,404 Candy Moderator
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Hello Beloved Farmers🤗

I have a big news for you all 📣

📢🌟 We know how much you loved Farm’s Advent Calendar last year! So, we have requested Santa to bring it back 🌟📢

Are you ready for the tasks & Surprises?🤗

Few things to remember📌

  • Tasks will be starting on Monday, 4th of December, 2023;
  • There will be a new task every day & a prize for each task;
  • Since our Community Managers are super busy during the Holidays, we have decided to send out the prizes once a week;
  • So, make sure to join everyday and finish each task, so that you won't miss the gift;
  • Don’t worry! I will make a list of each of your entries 👍

Rules to follow in the Advent Calendar 🗓️

  • A New task will be revealed every day and you will have 24 hours to finish it;
  • Each task will be easy and doable within couple of hours. So, no worries 😉
  • Tasks finished after 24 hours will not be counted and you will miss prize;
  • NO substitutions for the given tasks;


  • No complaints or conflicts about the tasks. Moderator’s decision will be final;
  • Your answers, entries, replies should be - sweet, nice, loving and MUST be "to the topic". Off-topic comments are NOT allowed;
  • If anybody goes off-topic OR doesn't follow the rules, they will not receive the gift of the day - because you will be entered into the "naughty" list 🎅

We will add more rules as we go - IF needed


  • Since this is a busy contest, I would like to make it as easy & smooth as possible for the CMs, our Farmers and myself as well🙂
  • If you didn’t already, can you please add your game ID number to your signature? So that, there won’t be delay in sending your gifts?
  • Please remember that if you miss a task of the day, the reward you will receive will be less too!

Tags & Shout-outs📢

  • We all know that there will be sudden glitches in the Community, which causes to miss the contests! So, please bookmark this thread.
  • From Monday onwards, come back everyday and check the Contests area in your Farm to find the new task


We all will be having lots of fun for 22 days, till 25th of December, 2023

We will keep this area for any discussions till the 4th morning EST. Once Santa stars the journey towards our Farm, I will close this thread🎅🤶🧝

Terms and Conditions here.



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