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(ENDED)💃🕺Welcome 2024 with a new farm contest

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Welcome Farm Heroes players,

We hope you had some quality holidays time and are now rested and relaxed. The schools go back today so I am torn between wanting routine and getting on with housework but sad I will lose the lazy mornings. Although I have had quite a lazy day anyway today heh heh.

Its 2024. A new year!

So for this contest we would like you to play 24 levels.

You can play any level over 100 as long as you are playing it anew for this contest. That includes side event levels. The only stipulation is that 3 of those levels must be brand new levels that are new to you and those cannot be event levels unless you are at the end of the map!

How to play ❓❔

You must play 24 levels for the contest

3 levels must be new levels not yet played from the main game

You need to show a screenshot showing you completed the level

Post the screenshots no more than 6 per post

If you have the newer style no scoreboard posts it should look like this on previously played levels. (If they are new it will show the rewards so we will know)

It also might be a good idea to mark your screenshots so that others cannot "borrow" them.

Rewards 🥇🪙

The first four players only who post ALL 24 screenshots correctly as stated above in this contest will each win 50 gold bars for their Farm Heroes Saga games.

Furthermore Five random players will win 5 egg cracker boosters for their games.

CM and moderators decision is final. If one of the first four players chooses not to accept the gold it will not be passed to someone else.

Duration ⌚⌛

Contest will end Monday 22nd January 17:00 CET

Terms and Conditions here

Good luck everyone!



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