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Get FREE Farm Roses Season Wallpapers! 😍🌹

LoFiGummy Posts: 686 Community Manager
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To celebrate the Roses Season in Farm, the game artists have made special smartphone wallpapers for everyone in the community to enjoy!

Want to share your love for Farm with others? 🧡 Then do the following:

  1. Download the pictures below and set it as your background. 📲
  2. Post a screenshot of how it looks like on your device. 📸

Simply click on the images below, then save them to make them yours! 😊

Smartphone Wallpapers

These three wallpapers represent 3 different themes, let us know which one you prefer!

#1 Friendship! 💐💐

Share the love with your friends!

#2 Love! 💖💖

Maybe there's someone special out there? Let them know!

#3 Self Appreciation! 💪💪

Who's more important than yourself? Show it off!

You can also leave your comment below about how much you like them and thank our Game Artists and the rest of the team!

You can also vote in the poll below which one you picked!

Get FREE Farm Roses Season Wallpapers! 😍🌹 58 votes

I picked Friendship! 💐💐
Pauline_AshcroftMmiaShagunproLaLuna03Botonaisomoboy2024Álomvilág 7 votes
I picked Love! 💖💖
ms_tweetybirdDada13MountainMomNaamarebelchildLoRiS007cathrinepylessteventsengbellekimmyMakiiiEwela989manullo83Rodrigo987j3nn1998jdelophenestacilou78 16 votes
I picked Self Appreciation! 💪💪
Pitty_KittyViejop12yste 3 votes
I pick everything! 💐💖💪
PummyRajEva_TolarováSparky_2_2EnergizerBunnyBQN537MiladyRmaf34100lady1967DieOmimiPrincess_Jessicamissb327satu85Racoon7Jose65_6AmoonmoonNico_Gsaramoomoe75rebeccasomers100GanttMayaK 32 votes


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