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Royal Games/Microsoft Activision Blizzard

AlexandraAtwell Posts: 81 Level 2
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It's now 20th February 2024, still hoping for a miracle that Royal Games will be revived this year, you have to remember that Royal Games was before it became Royal Games, it is major important to us as the game players. Royal Games is and was the birthing site for the King games that are being played now. There are 282 players online at Royal Games and they are all hoping for Royal Games to come back, don't let us down. You have to understand that Royal Games means a lot to it's players, there was no need to discontinue the games at all. There was a petition for Royal Games to be saved back in 2021 and a lot of the players gave their opinion on why Royal Games needed to be saved. We hope that Microsoft will do their part and make the Royal Games players happy on bringing the site back, this is a post from all the players at Royal Games, please don't shut the players out in the cold.

Please just bring back Royal Games and all it's wonderful games, it is truly missed, as you've stated on your site, make the world more playful.


  • LoFiGummy
    LoFiGummy Posts: 1,402 Community Manager

    Hi @AlexandraAtwell!

    Thank you for your passionate message about Royal Games. We truly appreciate understanding how much it means to you and the community. We know decisions like discontinuing games can be tough, and this one wasn't made lightly.

    We want you to know that we've received your feedback and the sentiments of the Royal Games players. These decisions are complex and involve many factors. At this moment we don't have any news in terms of Royal Games, but we will ensure your message is heard by the team here at King.

    Please feel free to stay connected with us here on the forum and our social media pages for any news regarding games made by King.

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