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(CLOSED)🥕Let's GROW 1-2-3 Cropsie Golden Carrot- WIN Badge and Goodies🥕

encantes Posts: 5,901 Farm Moderator
edited April 19 in Contests

Hello Farmers 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾

Our Farm's 10th Anniversary 💥🎉celebrations are at their Peak, as there are many special events going on in the Game as well as our Community! 🎉

Time to grow another special 123 Cropsie -Golden Carrot - would like to dance with you 😉🤩

One of our most favorite event is growing those special Cropsies & collecting  badges! 

All Farmers who grows their 1-2-3 Cropsie till stage 3, will receive this👆️badge (when you have 3 filled leaves, it means that you reached Stage 3).

Could you please sign your screenshot and don't resize it!!

8 Farmers who raise their Cropsie fully (all 5 leaves will be filled) will receive 25 Gold Bars each.

***The winners will be picked randomly.

Good luck, Farmers! 😊🤩

You have till 18th April 18:00 CET to submit your entries🌟

Terms and Conditions here.



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