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Farm Pass

Just_Me-2 Posts: 274 Level 3
edited April 30 in Support


I am not sure why Farm Pass prizes are not awarded automatically if you forget to claim them. I had written about this issue before but it does not look like this has been fixed to satisfaction. Many players including myself lost the entire Farm Pass a few months ago due to a technical glitch but I never got compensated. I received an apology and explanation but that was it. I have attached screenshots for the rewards not given because I assumed that this problem has been resolved. It used to be "you have unclaimed rewards" when the game is open if you forget to do it. The prizes that I did not collect are: 1, 10 and 11. Please advise. Thank you.

P.S. Picture 4 is proof that that prizes were not awarded and I have not played or used those boosters yet


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