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😲 A new booster is coming to Farm: Super Collector! 🐕✨

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Hello farmers! Today we're excited to let you know that a new booster is on it's way in Farm, the Super Collector! 🐕✨

This booster will power up your Hunter Booster and help you on your way to completing your levels. Here's how it works!

If you see the Super Collector screen in your game, you can get it by completing levels in a row! The levels needed can vary from player to player.

Note: This screen may look a bit different in your game!

Once you have won the necessary levels in a row, you'll gain access to the Super Collector, and can use it to collect twice as many cropsies compared to the Hunter Booster!

You don't have to use it and can save it to when it suits you. However! If you lose a level, the progress will be reset to the start, so make sure to play accordingly.

Remember, as with all features - this will not be visible to all players, but to increase your chances of seeing it in your game - please note the following:

  • This feature is only available in the latest version of Farm on Windows and Mobile.
  • Players will need to have passed Level 40 to have access to the Super Collector.

What do you think of the inclusion of this booster Farmers? 🧑‍🌾🌾 Let us know in the comments or by voting in the anonymous poll below!

😲 A new booster is coming to Farm: Super Collector! 🐕✨ 36 votes

I want this booster! 🤩
69% 25 votes
I have this booster and I love it! 😍
27% 10 votes
I don't understand this booster 🤨
2% 1 vote
I don't like this booster! 😣
0% 0 votes


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