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What an amusing trip down memory lane @Elsa and I have been on today. We have been chatting about all those myths our parents told us. We have had a good chuckle 😂 about them. Here are just a few we chuckled at.

Chewing gum stays in your stomach for five to seven years ❌

False. Most chewing gum is not digestible, meaning that it will travel through your system in a matter of two to four days.

Wait an hour after eating before you go swimming to prevent cramping

False. A normal-sized meal consumed before swimming will not cause cramping.It is possible to feel tired and fatigued after overeating, so maybe avoid swimming.

Sitting too close to the TV will make you go blind ❌

False. Televisions and other devices emit such low levels of radiation that they have little effect on the body. However, staring at the same thing for a long period of time can cause the eye muscles to fatigue, thereby affecting vision. But there has been no proof this causes long-term damage.

Shaved hair grows back thicker and darker ❌

False. Although your mom may have told you this as a young girl so you wouldn’t be so eager to start shaving your legs, it’s not true. Because the hair is newer, it may have not yet been bleached by the sun, and so it appears darker and thicker.

Sugar makes children hyper Hmm✅ and ❌

False. Several studies have shown that sugar doesn’t cause children to be more hyper. However, sugar does affect behavior. One study reported that children who were given sugar had higher levels of adrenaline and because higher adrenaline levels lead to symptoms similar to those of hyperactivity it was presumed that the cause was purley down to sugar

If you go outside with wet hair on a cold day, you’ll catch a cold ❌

False. Colds are caused by viruses, which you can’t get just from being outside in the cold. You may feel sick if you’re outside all day in the cold or rain — runny nose, chills, fatigue — but it’s not because of a virus. It’s because you can experience the same symptoms when you are chilled as when you are sick

Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis hmm✅ and ❌

False. A 30-year study showed this is not the case. However, knuckle cracking can lessen one’s grip strength because of repeated overstretching of the tendons.

They may not be true but we sure believed them 💓

How about you share some of your myths with us. Hopefully we can all have a day of chuckle 😂 memories

NOTE : For those of you who play multiple games you will see this repeated but we wanted those that don't to be able to join in the fun 👍🙂

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    Hi!! Thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim Well my grandmother who was the one that made me cold always said that after eating she can't take a bath until she rests for an hour. and also that I could not watch television very close why I could go blind it is true I believed all these myths!

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    I was told sitting near the tv would make you get square eyes.

    Going out with wet hair would give you a stiff neck, same for drafts around it.

    Having a black cat pass you is unlucky. I love our void!! And he passes mypath a lot when he wants his treats.

    Don't look at a new moon through glass. But glasses are ok? Never understood that one!

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