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Pause unlimited life

piaanderssonpiaandersson Posts: 694 Level 4

Sometims we get unlimited life in the game. Like in events, last levels usually gives unlimited life for some hours as a reward. We can also get unlimited life in other places. But the thing is we can never use all the time because the clock tick all the time even when we closed the game.

What I would like to see is that we can pause the time. Like if we click on the symbol unlimited life up in the bar it would have that we can click it to pause. Then the clock stop ticking. Then when we open the game next time clock automatick start ticking again. That way we would really have the given time.

And this I would like to see in all the devices that get unlimited life.

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  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 18,490 Ambassador


    The clock goes on in real life. In Candy Crush it has already opened and closed. Since it wasn't feasible. Because everyone has a different time zone and therefore it is not possible. When the time is up you will be given 5 lives and 15 minutes to a new life. You can then also go to another Go game and then you have your 5 lives again.


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  • piaanderssonpiaandersson Posts: 694 Level 4
    edited August 2020

    @Spinnifix I have looked in the idea area in all candy crush games and can´t find any idea like this. Even if I missed it, it dosen´t matter because this is farm heroes and they have there own team.

    So if something have been declined in one of king game doesen´t mean that it will be declined in the other games. And the other way, if something puts in a game don´t mean that it will be in others. Every team decided on there own for the game they work on.

    And what timezone you are in have nothing to do whit unlimited life. When I get unlimited life the clock starts the countdown just for me at that moment.

    And to pause/stop the clock on unlimited life is something that can be done if the team think it is a god idea.

  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 7,412 Community Manager

    Many thanks for posting this idea @piaandersson 😉

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  • encantesencantes Posts: 2,228 Farm Moderator
    edited August 2020
  • lisalisa1lisalisa1 Posts: 20 Level 2

    • Good Idea, this is one of my thoughts as well.
    • When a task is complete and you are rewarded 1, 2, 3 hours or if you purchase a pack that has one hour of unlimited play included, you should give us the option to use it at a different time, if time does not permit.
    • We may only have a short time to play, we are unaware of the prize we will be awarded. It turns out to be 1 hour of play and I may be on my 15 minute break 😧 Well there goes my prize😮😧
    • Now once you start then you should have compete the time

    I believe the option to save until another time would be amazing. 👏👏

    Thanks for your time


    keep up the great ideas @piaandersson

  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 14,563 Farm Moderator

    I have voted for this as well, its an excellent idea @piaandersson

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  • Racoon7Racoon7 Posts: 2,336 Level 3

    Great idea, voted yes 😊✔️

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