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πŸ“πŸ₯•Have you noticed any changes to the cropsies?🍏

Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 15,122 Farm Moderator
edited October 6 in Events & Game features

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Hello farmers πŸŒ»πŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ

Our studio guys have been busy lately and one of the changes they have made is to the cropsies.

I haven't seen them yet so I am a little nervous!

You can give feedback here and tell us what you like or don't like! What do you think about them?

Be kind though, we don't want to hurt any cropsies feelings or the studios who make them!




  • marilynmarsh167marilynmarsh167 Posts: 8 Level 2

    Why have you changed how the vegetables characters? They are the ones who make the Farm Hero Saga worth playing! When I needed to smile 😊 I love playing FHSaga because they are just to cute and funny! Please change them back! Thank you for your time

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  • encantesencantes Posts: 2,670 Farm Moderator
    edited June 15

    Hi @marilynmarsh167 and Welcome in this Community πŸ“ 🍎 🍏 πŸ“ 🍎 🍏

    I'm sorry but I didn't see any change in the Farm Heroes Saga Cropsies. Today I received a game update and the Home page is changed due to Summer Season coming, there are also many new events, like 1-2-3 Grow, Bonnie, Choo Choo Challenge related to June the month of Love.

    In order to help you, may you please post a screenshot with this new vegetables characters?

    We will ask to the Farm Studio and we give new info tomorrow.

    Many thanks for your understanding

    I wish you a super day 🌞 🌺⚘

  • majia13majia13 Posts: 4 Newbie

    Agree! They look like oversized kids toys now πŸ™ˆ

  • NEILPNEILP Posts: 7 Level 2

    The new cropsies are CREEPY LOOKING !!! They look like they're in a depressive haze.

    And I dunno if you were trying to save some money or figured it was ok cuz being squished in a bucket makes you look different but, NOT changing the water droplets to the new depressive creepy haze look while they are in the bucket is one stupid mistake on top of another. The first one: changing the look in the first place!!!

  • merGRmerGR Posts: 1 Newbie

    It hurts my eyes!! The new look cropsies are awful! I'm sorry I can't be any kinder. they have no colour definition & look as though they have not been finished & are really poor quality.

  • ginab1987ginab1987 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited June 16

    The new look isn't pleasing at all. It's difficult to tell what they are or even what color they are supposed to be, especially when playing on the phone...on the computer is slightly better. It also does not show how many lives you have left anymore :(

  • marilynmarsh167marilynmarsh167 Posts: 8 Level 2

    Thank you for your support ❀️ I'm sorry but I might have to uninstall FHSaga until the cropsies are back to they're adorable selfπŸ’₯ I have been playing FHSAGA for several years. I enjoyed it and now I find it quite difficult to play, my favorite cropsie is the strawberry πŸ“πŸ˜™πŸ˜€! I am crazy about all of them, but now it's not fun anymore πŸ˜”! Thank you

  • majia13majia13 Posts: 4 Newbie

    I totally agree with you Marilyn. I’m going to uninstall as well πŸ˜’

  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 15,122 Farm Moderator

    Welcome to the community @merGR and thank you for your feedback. Honest impressions are exactly what you have and are helpful.

    I'm more nervous to see now 😬

  • marilynmarsh167marilynmarsh167 Posts: 8 Level 2

    To Lady_Choo, your sudden change to the cropsie characters have had a bad effect on the community. I don't want to uninstall FHSaga! When I want to relax and smile I turn on my tablet and play FHSaga. I'm not sure if you know what a community is? No disrespect intended! Thank you

  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 15,122 Farm Moderator

    Hi @marilynmarsh167 I take no responsibility for changing the cropsies at all. I like the original ones and I haven't seen the new ones yet 🀨

    Could you tell us what you don't like about them please, all feedback will be passed back as the studio do take notice.

  • marilynmarsh167marilynmarsh167 Posts: 8 Level 2

    Thank you for your response, okay I'll see if I can explain to you about the change in the Cropsies without sounding like a nut πŸ€”haha. They don't have personalities. They don't grab your attention that makes you want to keep playing because they're basically drawn the same. The original Cropsies have personalities and each one is different than the other, meaning that the sun seems like he's tipping his hat to you, the onion he's in a hurry, the apple blows up like a balloon, and the strawberry blows up his cheeks and sticks out his tongue out at you. Every time I play even if I don't make it to the next level right away I still have a lot of fun and a smile on my face. Please put the Cropsies back to the way they were. Thank you 😊

  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 15,122 Farm Moderator

    They don't do the noises and sounds and look generic? basically. That helps a lot cos that's the reason I have stuck with it, cos they are so cute! What about the noises are they the same or changed to?

  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 15,122 Farm Moderator

    And @marilynmarsh167 Farm addict here, not possible to sound crazy 😁

  • marilynmarsh167marilynmarsh167 Posts: 8 Level 2

    Nothing has changed πŸ˜” I'm going to have to uninstall FHSaga do to the character change to the Cropsies. It's not fun anymore πŸ˜” If and when the decision is made of returning the Cropsies back to the way they were. I would like to come back 😊. Thank you for letting me join! I have had a lot of fun playing FHSAGA πŸ˜™πŸ“

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