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Tried to Restore Facebook Game and Can't Get my King Game progress back

Eggcracker Posts: 272 Level 3
edited June 2021 in Support

Booh hooh, πŸ˜₯

I play two FHS games, one on the King platform, the other on Facebook. I started again from the beginning on King as my FB game ran out of beans! FB level 3000s with 670 beans, and King 2000s with about 189k beans! I play on FB occasionally.

This morning the games app on FB was missing, and in my attempt to get it back I've totally messed things up.

Now I have the King game synced with FB, please don't ask me how I did that, I just want to cry. I simply don't know how to get my King game and progress back, and I'm a member of two teams, one on each. So higher levels on both, but my beans are zilch.

I play on a laptop, windows 10.

Can someone please give me hope πŸ˜”

*Just changed details of my post this morning, got the games the wrong way around.


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