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πŸ”Ž Welcome Farm's New Companions! (TEST)!



  • Coreena_Lilly
    Coreena_Lilly Posts: 103 Level 3


    It'll improve the game!!!! How funny. Just like they said about the this dumb useless so called "new companion".

    I emptied put my "Farm Club" of the I won't loose them with this new "stuff"...(this is a better word than I want to say) I'm playing out my boosters and such and will get rid of the game...which won't be hard since you need to use upwards to 15-20 of them to get past a level anyway, especially when you can't rely on "new companion" to help!!!

  • 007jayc
    007jayc Posts: 554 Level 4

    While I appreciate everything that @QueenB and some of the moderators have done for this game, I too feel like @Coreena_Lilly . I have played this game for many years and it was one of my favorites. But then the team decided to change the way companions were used, asked for everyones input, and when most said they didn't like, kept it that way. So why even ask if we like the new feature. We will have to take it or leave it. If you want to improve the companion feature, expand on the original. I haven't been able to move up in levels for weeks now unless I use gold to get more moves. And when it comes to getting help on issues with the game, it seems like they are easily forgotten. I haven't had any Quests on my iPhone for months now and you never bother to seek the answers. I also had issues with loading more that a few pics for events and never got that worked out either. And what of the Beans we use to get companion help. Are these going away too? So with that, I guess I too will take a break from this game and find something else to play. So I leave at Level 2910 and maybe when I come back things will be back to normal.

  • Nat09
    Nat09 Posts: 12,561 Pro Player 👑

    I am looking forward to the new changes. I know it can be difficult to accept new changes in a game, especially when you enjoyed the way it was previously but you never know, maybe you’ll love the new way better.πŸ˜€πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I was part of the group in the meeting when they spoke of these changes and to me, it looked exciting. I do hope we get to keep our retired companions πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…

  • bramam
    bramam Posts: 1,226 Level 4


    I'm also curious what will become of this game πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ€¨

    FHS is my favorite but somehow it seems too complicated to me that what was announced here

    So wait and see 🀨

  • FarmerB
    FarmerB Posts: 502 Level 3

    Hi...I'm just seeing this now. Although I'm nervous about this change, I'm hopeful that it will be something fun. I do like the idea of raising baby farm animals 😊. So what becomes of the magic beans then? Do quests remain where we can still earn boosters?

    Is this companion change what this countdown is about?

  • CaptainJ
    CaptainJ Posts: 3 Newbie

    I am opposed to changing the game. I’ve been playing for 10 years and to think that the $260,000 + beans and the many boosters I’ve painstakingly earned will just be gone, angers me. The only change that should be made is to loosen the chains on levels. Shouldn’t take 20 lives and a bunch of boosters to pass a level. Adding more moves to each level would be a nice change . Also, Bonnie is a joke! You finally earn her and one would think that with the boosters she offers, passing levels would be a breeze. But it’s more frustrating than rewarding. You have to use many of your own boosters along with what she offers and your lucky if you can keep her for more than one level. I’m in the 4000 levels. Making a new farm club would be fine, as I’ve used everything I had in there but leave the rest of the game the same along with the current companions we’ve already earned. This is my favorite game. I look forward to playing each day. Please don’t ruin that. Maybe give players option to choose to keep their game the way it is and let those who like the change play that version. SOMETIMES CHANGE IS NOT GOOD especially to those of us whom have been loyal players . And please do not take the special games that allow us to earn rewards away, such as flower tower, sleepy sheep, choo choo challenge and growing seeds etc. it’s nice to have a change up from the main farm board . Please pass my input along. Thank you

  • bramam
    bramam Posts: 1,226 Level 4




  • ismee
    ismee Posts: 10 Level 2

    Hi. I am finding the game more challenging and unless the new changes make passing levels less difficult I do not think it is a good idea.

    it is supposed to be an enjoyable pastime not an exercise in frustration. The rewards from the extras, Lady Choo game are very useful sometimes. This extra did not show up on my game last weekend which was disappointing.

    so please make changes to encourage play.

  • Melbennett
    Melbennett Posts: 484 Level 3

    I can’t wait to use the new companions. I hope it comes very soon

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