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(ENDED) FARM SUMMER FUN 🌞🌈🌞 FINALE - Part 1 & 2 🌞🌈🌞

PummyRaj Posts: 33,911 Candy Moderator
edited July 2022 in Contests

Hello dear Farmers 👩‍🌾

Hope you all are enjoying our “Farm Summer Fun” contests series🌞🌈🌞 Here comes the first part of our Finale 🤩

For this first part →  You have to play TWO Levels and post your winning scores.

Which levels do you have to play 🤔 Here are my suggestions 👇️

Option A: You can play any level from 4 and up in the special event “Summer Paradise”

Option B: You can pick 2 levels from below list from the game Map…

(1) 221 to 250; (2) 401 to 430; (3) 1061 to 1090

Every Farmer that participates in this first part of our Finale, will receive this badge 

Task & Rules:

** MUST Play ONE regular level and ONE Super Hard Level to be eligible to win the reward and the badge;

** Allowed to play only level 4 and up from the “Summer Paradise” event;

** From the game map - the Levels must have FLOWERS 🌺 along with -- either Sun Cropsies 🌞 OR Water Cropsies💧

** It does not matter whether the winning score is high ⬆️ or low ⬇️ & Single Star 🌟 or three stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️

HOW to post your screenshots 🔖🖍🖇

Must post a screenshot from the beginning of the level and the end of the level;

Do not cover anything unless there are close-up pictures of your friends;

Please remember to write your names on your screenshots, so that they won’t be stolen 🙄

The end score you have achieved must be shown in the screenshot. Please check the examples I have given below 🐣

Our Farm Queen @QueenB is bringing this 2nd part of finale for you all 😍 🤗 🤩

Howdy y'all!

Can you find the 5 differences between these farmtastic images?! 

Pretty easy, isn't it?

** Use the Spoiler to comment your answer below and get a chance to win some extra rewards!

Every Farmer that participates in this second part, will receive our Summer Fun Pride Finale badge 

** End date and Rewards remain the same as below

Rewards 🏆🏆🏆

Every farmer with a valid entry will receive the badge shown above 🏅

At the end of part 2, Five Farmers will be chosen randomly and rewarded 50 Gold Bars each.

Duration ⏳⏳⏳

This contest will be open for 3 weeks - till July 2nd, 2022 - at 21:00 pm CEST;

Other Timings --> 20:00 pm GMT and 5:00 pm EST (USA) 

Terms and Conditions here.

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