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🌶 Farm Tournament - California - How do you enjoy playing it?

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The Farm Tournament is back, and we're taking you on an adventure this time! California, here we come 🌁

Farm Tournament California is a round-based tournament consisting of 3 rounds in which you have to compete against other Farmers by collecting special Cropsies.

You will win rewards throughout the rounds, and if you can beat the other farmers and reach the Grand Final, you will have a chance to win a Year's supply of Gold Bars 🙌🏼


The event starts today, the 5th of September, and ends on the 25th!

Round 1 - 5th of September - 11th of September

Round 2 - 13th of September - 18th of September (1-day intermission)

Round 3 - 20th of September - 25th of September (1-day intermission)

🌶 How to Play!

Compete against other players by collecting the most requested Cropsies from any levels from anywhere within the game, including events or previously completed levels where the star rating is improved.

Finish in 1st place in the Finals for a spot in the Grand Final!

Lost the round? Play the Consolation Round for more rewards.


Meet the requested Cropsie target of cropsie to qualify for the next round!


Finish in the Top 3 of your Farm Tournament Leaderboard and secure a spot in the next round!


Finish in the Top 1 of your Farm Tournament Leaderboard and secure a spot in the Grand Final of the Savanna Tournament!

Grand Final

Complete all 5 levels with the highest score to win a year's supply of Gold Bars & become California's Harvest Champion!

All Grand Finalists earn a Booster advantage for the next Farm Tournament.

This time, we want to spice things up so you will have the chance to collect this lovely California Chilli Pepper Cropsie to enter the Tournament.

Collect the brand new Chilli Cropsie across the Farm for a limited time. This will be temporarily replaced the strawberries!

NOTE! The Chilli Pepper Cropsie is not available for all players! Some of you will get Strawberries as the target cropsie to collect!

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts about the event.

Is it fun and challenging?

Do you understand how the challenge works?

Is it too easy, too complicated, or does it have the right balance between fun and challenge?

Vote and comment so we can make all future events even awesome 😉

🌶 Farm Tournament - California - How do you enjoy playing it? 35 votes

I love it and I want more
Maja_NikolicMarcemarce22SabrinaMSparky_2_2encantesEOTheGr8MiladyRgaby6867MelbennettavacamilleRedaZayedMoh1977Palash_SarmaspoekieeugenvelicuHELIKAmoonmoonsaramoomatownsendBuffaloGal57 24 votes
It is fun, but too challenging
BQN537maf34100MollySAnahita_2005fraufritzieRacoon7ismeeromeo1983 8 votes
This is not my type of event because... (please let us know why)
Coreena_LillybramamFernando433100 3 votes


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