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(ENDED) Wonderful Winter Farm Heroes Saga contest. WIN!!

Lady_Choo Posts: 22,145 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited January 13 in Contests

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Hello fellow farmers!

We hope you are keeping well and warm if you live in one of the cooler countries right now but if not, to keep your brain warm, its time for our seasonal global contest!

There are seven contests throughout the community with the final contest located in the Community Hub.
You need to solve the math puzzle in each game for a chance to win 20 Gb in that game. Then go to the Community Hub HERE and list the designated images with their value from each contest and provide the final total of all 7 numbers for the chance to win 50 GB in the game of your choice!
Also, everyone who enters will get a Wonderful Winter badge for participating in the contest!

So how do we enter?

Take a look at the puzzle below 👇

You need to work out the value of each image to get the total.

List the values in your comments to be in with a chance to win 20 gold bars in Farm Heroes.

Then take the number for Rancid and add it to the 6 designated values from the other contests and post the total in the Community Hub contest.

Please make sure you use the spoiler (reminder how to in the image)

The contest will run until 1600 Central European Time (CET) 13 January 2023

 Terms and Conditions here.

Good luck everyone!



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